In the Corner of Echoes

In the Corner of Echoes

Guglielmo Marconi was an early pioneer of wireless radio wave transmissions and one of the first people to globalise mass communication. Weeks before his death, Marconi had a revelatory dream. What if sound never dies, but rather, it emanates eternally through the universe. Waves of sound radiate beyond our capabilities of hearing but never disappear completely. Through this reasoning, Marconi believed that if he could make an appropriately powerful apparatus, he could tune into every sound that had ever been created.

The thought seems poetic, but twists into something more sinister when you consider his ideology, and history of working closely with Benito Mussolini as a member of the Grand Council of Fascism, until his death two years prior to the outbreak of World War II.

In The Corner of Echoes, compiles a collection of musical clips taken from random times and places and played through a public address system- an acknowledgement of the voice of both public and authoritative spaces. The syrupy nature of the composition exemplifies how music can move fluidly through time and space and offers the audience an opportunity to follow