Sound Park (2013)

(Video, 6 channel sound Installation, 26 minutes)
Danae Valenza

Sound Park is an instructional sound piece that experiments with the composition of music through movement.

Five wandering instrumentalists improvise to a static drummer’s beat as they navigate individual paths through a pine forest. Without words or prior introduction, each musician’s journey contributes to a collective musical outcome.

Weaving in and out of each others earshot, six separate routes are documented and synchronised in to one composition.

Performed and recorded in Delsjön Naturreservat, Gothenburg, Sweden

Performers: Thea Åslund (Violin), Fredrik Brändströmm (Piano Accordion), Erik Fastén (Drums), Isak Hedtjärn (Clarinet), Hampus Petterson (Nyckelharpa) and Per Svensson (Guitar).

Videographers: Malin Johansson and Nadia Endler
Sound: Henrik Alsér
Production Assistant: Simon McGuinness

This project was made possible through the Australia Council JUMP Mentoring Initiative.